Preserving Products by Mitchell and Mitchell Lewis, Co., Racine, Wis.
"The car you ought to have at the price you ought to pay!"
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     Henry Mitchell was born in Scotland in 1810, and he moved to America in 1834. He and his wife Margaret settled in Fort Dearborn, which later became Chicago. Mitchell, a wheelwright, built the first wagon ever made in Chicago.

     Mitchell and his wife settled in Racine, Wis., in 1855. By 1877, the Mitchell & Lewis Co. was one of the largest and best-equipped wagon makers in the country.  The company had 7,200 employees and made between more than 8,000 wagons a year. They were exported all over the world.

     Henry Mitchell died in 1893. William Turnor Lewis, his son-in-law, took over the Mitchell company. His son, William Mitchell Lewis, or Uncle Bill as the family called him, started producing motorcycles. Six hundred Mitchell motorcycles were built in 1902. In 1903, the Mitchell Motor Car Co. built its first automobile. That was the same year as Henry Ford’s first car.  The company closed after building 86,966 cars and was liquidated in 1923.

Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co.

This site was formed to provide education and information to anyone interested in Mitchell Motor Cars and as a resource to help me gleen information for the restoration of the only 1912 Mitchell 4-4 Touring car to my knowledge.  Please feel free to contact me @ 904-993-2231.
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